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The plastics problem

What makes a plastic eco-friendly?

There is, increasingly, a lot of 'greenwash' out there about what's a 'green' plastic and what's not.  There are biodegradable plastics, recycled plastics, plant-based bioplastics, and they're all 'green' to an extent.  It's not always easy to get it clear in your mind what is eco-friendly and what isn't, so I'll try to clarify what's good and bad about each of these types of plastic below.

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It's official! Drink to think

How using a water bottle has been proven to improve exam results

Last year, (April 2012, to be precise), the Universities of East London and Westminster released a new set of findings from a study that they had carried out.  This study pointed strongly to the confirmation of the hypothesis, that hydration is essential for optimum academic performance, and a water bottle is often the best way to get access to that hydration. In other words, using a water bottle during exams is more than likely to improve your grade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

...and the corresponding Frequently Given Answers

We often get asked the same questions time and time again by our customers, so for the benefit of all of you out there who are checking out bottles ready for the summer months, but who have not ordered yet: all is revealed. (This is not to put anyone off ringing us to ask us any questions – we are always glad to answer any questions you might have!)

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Appearances can be deceiving...

...it's what's inside that counts

We get asked frequently, are you bottles really translucent? Can you see inside the bottles to check if Gavin/Kate/Marmaduke really is drinking pure Wasser and not orange juice or other similarly teeth-rotting bilge? And we always used to say, yes, of course you can see inside. 

Now, we’re not so sure.

Sure, you can see inside.  But without wanting to sound like an Orwellian ‘Big-Brother-Is-Watching-You’ kind of monster, how do you actually know it’s water?

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Our vision for Osprey Early Years...

…and where you fit in

Osprey has been around for more than 10 years now, mainly supplying water bottles to schools. We have grown and matured and developed and now have moved into supplying something new to our loyal customer base.

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